Looking for Top Talent?
Relax and let Avanti Group take the hastle out
of recruiting top talent for your organization.
Our value as your recruiting partner is to give
you more time to focus on what you do best,
running your company.
Looking for a New Opportunity?
At Avanti Group, our mission is to help you accelerate
your career forward. We work with direct hire and
interim Accounting and Finance candidates at senior staff
to executive levels. If you are actively or passively looking
for a new opportunity, we can help you.
Looking for Guidance?
As recognized thought leaders in our field, we
are experts in recruiting and job search process.
Whether you are seeking a new career opportunity
or hiring talent for your organization, our team can
provide you with the guidance you need to achieve
your goals.

About us

Avanti Group is a full-service recruiting firm. We provide customized direct-hire and contract solutions for employers in the DC Metro area seeking Accounting and Finance professionals. Our flexible pricing model allows us to partner with companies of all stages of growth. With over thirteen years of experience recruiting, evaluating and delivering the top talent in the DC metro area, we are uniquely qualified to help you. Learn More...

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Top 5 reasons why you should be partnering with a search firm: As any savvy business leader will tell you, the success of an organization is primarily attributed to caliber of its human capital. Productive employees are an essential element to growing a business. The questions are; how do you find these valuable resources and how do you get them to join your team? One way is to work with a...