Many hiring managers believe that the best way to fill a role when utilizing recruiting firms is to engage several of them on a contingency basis for the same search. While this may work in certain situations, it isn’t the most efficient or effective way to find the right candidate. In fact, it can have an adverse effect on the hiring process and may actually slow things down. Here are 4 reasons why you should strongly consider engaging one search firm exclusively.

1. Commitment

You will get the full commitment of your exclusive recruiting partner.

Have you ever engaged multiple search firms only to get an initial flurry of resumes that quickly dissipates to a slow trickle? The reason for this is that contingency recruitment agencies work with multiple clients at the same time. This means that they only have so much time in the day to commit to working on your search. If your particular search proves to be hard to fill or they find other clients that will work with them exclusively, it’s easy for them to shift their efforts elsewhere. Using one firm exclusively ensures that both you and the agency will be committed to your search until it’s filled.

2. Higher Quality

You are more likely to get a higher quality of candidate.

A common misconception amongst employers is that it’s strategically advantageous to engage multiple recruiters on the same search. The idea is that you’ll have greater access to the candidate marketplace and the recruiters will be more motivated because they are competing with one another. The downside of this approach is that speed of delivery becomes more of a priority than the quality of the candidates. In order to get resumes to you before their competition does, your recruiting partners may have to cut corners during their candidate evaluation process or submit unqualified applicants. You may be getting more resumes, but you’re less likely to be getting the right ones. Engaging a recruiter exclusively gives them the time to properly source, evaluate, and present you with the best candidates available.

3. Time

Engaging one firm exclusively will save you time.

An exclusive recruiting engagement allows you to delegate all of the responsibility of filling the search to one agency. It gives you one firm to hold accountable and saves you time because you only have to communicate with one contact. Instead of receiving dozens of resumes from multiple sources, you’ll only be receiving qualified applicants. Engaging a search firm exclusively also makes it much easier to set clear lines of communication, expectations, and measurements for success.

4. Messaging

The confidentiality of the role you are recruiting for is maintained and your brand remains as you want it.

Engaging multiple agencies for the same search means that your role and your brand will be exposed to numerous recruiters who will likely use the same channels to find talent for you. It is virtually impossible for you to control the messaging each recruiter uses. This can lead to the depreciation of your company’s brand. Working with one recruiter makes consistent messaging and confidentiality much easier to maintain.

By Jay Gennaro, Principal, Avanti Group

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